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"We've had a book store for 27 years. I've been looking for compatible software for some time. BookAccents does everything I ever hoped for in Bookseller software."

- John Hendricks Cape Book Rack

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BookAccents was designed and written by a professional software development company that has been developing custom computer software for over 20 years, who also happens to own a "trading" book store. Since we developed BookAccents to use in our facility, we incorporated every feature necessary to accomplish the business at hand.

Inventory Control
Point of Sale Billing
Automatic Credit Calculation
Easy Book Search
Daily Sales Reporting
Inventory Label Printing
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  When scanning used books, try to organize them by genre, this will allow you to use the same defaults for the entire group before making changes.  
  Try to do your used book receiving away from the busiest area in the store. Some times it is not a good idea to have them scanned and labeled at the front desk.



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